Reset, Reignite and Reinvent

We all know that a post Covid world is certainly coming but we don’t know when society will open up. It could be three months, six months or even eighteen months. What can we do in the meantime? How can we think about ways to avoid going stagnant?  Rather than getting depressed about all the loss, which of course we all do from time to time, I am trying to think about what En Garde Arts CAN do. I’ve pinned a paper on my wall that says


I’m brainstorming with artists about the possibilities of creating new theatrical work that is site-specific or immersive in ways that could respect social distancing parameters. I’m talking about how we can bring our theatrical storytelling online in a manner that is true to the medium of each.

Here at En Garde Arts we are lucky that, before all this happened, we formed a partnership with WNET’s All Arts to bring our Uncommon Voices series online. On Wednesday, will be releasing our next Uncommon Voices with Miranda Rose Hall’s A Play for the Living in  A Time for Extinction commissioned by LubDub Theatre Company. It’s a beautifully poignant piece about climate change performed by Nadine Malouf. I met this incredibly talented group of people through Caitlin Cassidy who is one of the founding members of this group. She first came to me as an intern and worked in my office on our social media campaign. She’s a pro with all that. When we presented LubDub at The Commons Cafe, she did such a wonderful job publicizing it that we completely sold out.

I am also incredibly lucky to be partnering with Jesse Green, not THAT Jesse Green, but an Emmy award winning filmmaker who will always do whatever is needed. He films these episodes. He edits them, adds the sound recordings and ships them all off to our WNET partners on a timely basis.

After you watch the LubDub episode, we hope you’ll also watch the ones that have been previously released: Kevin R, Free’s A Hill On Which to Drown featuring Andre De Shields and you should also watch the first two episodes: Pascale Armand’s S#!thole Country Clapback and Andrea Thome’s Fandango for Butterflies (and Coyotes). You have to take a break from Netflix at some point!

When I’m not glued to my computer, I’m figuring out how to live life.

Here is my learning on the “Journey of the Mask”

1. A pathetic attempt at making my own mask.


2. Following a blog about how to make your own mask wasn’t much better.


3. Acquiescing and buying one off Etsy


What are the other ways I’m coping?

I’m reaching out to artists I would have never otherwise had the chance to connect with.

It took a plague to get my family to all connect once a week on zoom, but at least it’s happening. 

(My son in our weekly family zoom meeting refused to turn on his camera and I got mad).

I’m listening to Cuomo every day.

I’m eating well and saving money by not going to restaurants which is good because our Airbnb business is in the toilet.

And finally,

Thank God for my dog.


“theatre unbounded”


Stay well and safe,


Published by Annie

Reset, Reignite and Reinvent Anne Hamburger (Founder & Artistic Director) founded En Garde Arts in 1985. As its Artistic Director and Creative Producer, she is responsible for pioneering site-specific theatre in New York in the 80s and 90s, using its streets and historic landmarks as her stage. Hamburger produced the work of artists that are now internationally renowned: Anne Bogart, Charles L. Mee, Tina Landau, Jonathan Larson and Reza Abdoh, with large scale predominantly outdoor work. In 1999 she went on to launch and run Creative Entertainment a global division for Disney where she brought the finest theatre artists into the parks for the first time in their history. She then returned to NYC and re-launched En Garde Arts in 2014. In its second incarnation, En Garde is developing theatre that has social change at its core, assembling some of the finest most visionary artists working in the theatre today. En Garde’s producing structure is highly collaborative, encouraging artists to explore storytelling through music, movement, multimedia and site-specificity. For her work, she has won 6 Obies, 2 Drama Desk Awards, an Outer Critics Circle Award, Lee Reynolds Award and the Exceptional Merit in Media Award from The National Political Women’s Caucus. Anne is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women and is the recipient of an Exceptional Merit in Media Award from the National Political Women’s Caucus. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama.

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