En Garde Arts creates, produces and presents bold theatre experiences that reach across artistic, physical and social boundaries. We aim to increase empathy and open-mindedness by illuminating nuanced perspectives and unspoken truths behind the salient issues of our time. By bringing together artistic teams with non-arts partners from the outset, and merging seasoned theatre-goers with new audiences, En Garde Arts sparks dialogue among people not normally in conversation, both in New York and beyond. 


Our programming has three initiatives aimed at moving forward social change through the arts: 1) we assemble artistic teams familiar with and passionate about the subjects they are tackling; 2) we support a lengthy development process and partner with non-arts stakeholders from the outset who function as advisors, mentors and ambassadors; and 3) we implement strategies to ensure that the people affected by the subject matter at hand are sitting alongside theatre-goers curious about new perspectives.
We recognize that trust cannot be built in a day and our ambassadors have relationships with the communities we are attempting to reach. Thus at the core of our mission is a fundamental emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion. Our art and our artists are reflective of this.