Written by Leila Buck*
Developed & Directed by Tamilla Woodard
Dramaturgy by Salma Zohdi

Tamilla Woodard and Leila Buck (photo courtesy of Leila Buck)

Written by Leila Buck in collaboration with the actors and director Tamilla Woodard, Mix and Match (Working Title) is a theatrical event that invites the audience into the journey of two families – one Lebanese and (mostly) Muslim, one Irish and (mostly) Catholic – being joined in marriage. As guests at the wedding, and witnesses to the families’ struggles before, during, and beyond, audiences are invited to eat, dance and engage in an immersive, interactive exploration of the challenges and joys of connecting across all kinds of borders.

Mix & Match is slated for production in fall 2021.

*Fueled by improvisations with Melis Aker, Ali Andre Ali, Hend Ayoub, Caitlin Nasema Cassidy, Rawya El Chab, Gamze Ceylan, Evan Maltby, Pete McElligott, Victoria Nassif, Kelley Rae O’Donnell, Heather Raffo, Jens Rasmussen, Amy Lynn Stewart and Rasha Zamamiri

Photo (courtesy of Heather Cohn) is from a developmental workshop at LPAC in August 2019. L to Rawya El Chab, Caitlin Nasema Cassidy, Evan Maltby, Amy Lynn Stewart, Pete McElligot


Theatre in Unexpected Places

Wartime Stage Canteen by David Greenspan
Music Direction by Jamie Lawrence
The first in a series of small, site-specific performances

David Greenspan

During World War II, stage and film actors hosted military personnel at Stage Door Canteen on the East Coast and Hollywood Canteen of the West Coast, offering them food, drink and company – and perhaps most importantly entertainment.  David Greenspan’s Wartime Stage Canteen for a new era plans to do the same – cheer people up and lift their spirits. 

The first in the series will feature David Greenspan and music director Jamie Lawrence performing songs from the songbook era for small socially distanced groups from the windows of a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY.


A Dozen Dreams

Conceived by Anne Hamburger
Co-created by Anne Hamburger and John Clinton Eisner
Set Designs by Deb O
Lighting Design by Barbara Samuels
Video Design by Josh Higgason
Sound Design by Daniel Baker
Playwrights: Sam Chanse, Erika Dickerson Dispenza, Liza Jessie Peterson, Ellen McLaughlin, Martyna Majok, Rehana Mirza, Mona Monsaur, Caridad Svich, Andrea Thome, Lucy Thurber, Emily Mann, Ren Dara Santiago

Harkening back to our site-specific roots, En Garde Arts is taking an entrepreneurial approach to crafting innovative experiences that aim to allow us to be together in real time and space before we are allowed back into theater buildings. In response to this time of global pandemic and uprising, we have envisioned a project called A Dozen Dreams that has asked a dozen playwrights to explore the questions: What are we dreaming right now? How has social isolation shaped our subconscious thoughts? The project is a timestamp that asks artists to articulate how this moment of extreme isolation is impacting multiple aspects of our lives.

A Dozen Dreams is a theatrical experience for a live audience that can open during Phase 3 as social distancing is built into the form. In association with John Eisner, Artistic Director of The Lark, we have selected twelve visionary women playwrights and asked them to share the dreams they’re having during this pandemic. The playwrights are: Sam Chanse, Erika Dickerson Dispenza, Ellen McLaughlin, Martyna Majok, Emily Mann, Rehana Mirza, Mona Monsaur, Liza Jessie Peterson, Ren Dara Santiago, Caridad Svich, Andrea Thome, and Lucy Thurber. Their responses will be brought to life through an immersive scenic, lighting, video and sound design installation created by visionary theatre designers: scenic designer Deb O, projection and video designer Josh Higgason, lighting designer Barbara Samuels and sound designer Daniel Baker. Each writer’s vision will be turned into an immersive visual and sonic experience in a room in the warehouse. Audiences will enter each room two at a time. The event will be open most of the day in order to pulse audiences throughout the day, never exceeding more than 26 audiences members in an hour